Must have for your living Room.

The living room is the most versatile room in your home, it can be very well utilized for entertaining friends receiving special guests, reading a book or watching television. If you are a couch potato you mostly like to spend most of your time in your living room.

So to make this room look special you must need some essentials :

1.A sofa with a coffee table: A very first thing to put in your living room is a beautiful sofa well coordinated with your colour scheme and a coffee table.  These two things are must-have for every living room as no other furniture can give comfort or fulfil multiple functions as sofa does. These days many variants of the sofa are available in the market, so choose what suits you best according to your room.

Have a look at a very simple sofa with a well-coordinated coffee table:

sofa with coffee table
picture courtesy: Pinterest

2. Cushions – to add colours and comfort to your sofa: Cushion is a very simple and inexpensive way of adding colour and life to your simple sofa. The cushion can surely provide you with the utmost comfort when you have to relax a little bit after a tiring day. These days many trendy and stylish cushions are available which can be used with your sofas.

Look how these colourful cushions are simply adding  a wow factor to this simple sofa:

picture courtesy: Pinterest

3.Vases: You can add the finishing touch on your spaces with vases made up of metals, glass and ceramic. These decorative pieces can be put up on a coffee table, side table colourful flowers used in these vases can add extra charm to your living room. Look above how these beautiful flowers in the vase are adding to the beauty of the room.

4.Table lamps or floor lamps. Good or proper lighting in any room is very essential as per decor point of view. With nice, decorative lamps you can add some visual interest in the room. Many options are available like pendant lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, tripods etc choose from any of them.

In the picture below two pendants, A tripod lamp and a table lamp is used to add some decor element in the living room.

picture courtesy: Pinterest

5.Carpets : There are many reasons why to use rug in room but some of them are they provide slipping resistance to your furniture, as the furniture that rests on rug is less likely to move or slide than furniture that sits on hard surface, and also they can be used to put all together all decor elements in the room .

Look the picture above how a simple rug is adding to the decor of the room.

6. An Attractive wall clock: These days many eye-catching and attractive wall clocks are in trends that can enhance the beauty of a vacant wall and is quite essential also.

You can put wall clocks with any coordinated wall arts.

have a look.

wall clocks
picture courtesy: Pinterest

so these were some of the ideas that you should keep in mind while setting your living room however it totally depends on you what you want in your room.

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How To Enhance Your Interiors With Nature.

These days Indoor plants are considered as a most impactful decor element as they not only increase the beauty of your home but also improves air quality.

When using planters in-home , we don’t have to worry about colour coordination as they get mixed up with every colour scheme and creates the visual interest.

Have a look at how beautiful the white colour coordinated room looked with these planters.

indoor plants
picture courtesy: Pinterest

Transform the dull corner of your home by adding some green hanging planters, that will surely add some charm to that place.

hanging plants
picture courtesy: Pinterest

These indoor plants can also give your dining room resort-like feel if you put a good number of plants well coordinated. Going green with your interiors is a great way to make you feel fresh all day at home.

Dining room with plants
picture courtesy: Pinterest

If you love the bohemian style of interiors which will make your home full of life, colours, culture, you can do that with plants also.

Have a look.

bohemian style
picture courtesy: Pinterest

Plants are itself is a symbol of life as it is also said   “Use plants to bring life” , so what you all are waiting for??  bring life to your home also by using these ideas of using indoor plants as a decorative element.

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Elegant Candle Holders.

Every home has a story so you can create your own story in your own way by decorating your home. This can be done by a very elegant decorative accessory i.e. candle holders. Candle holders are the decorative piece with which you can create a cozy, relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Nowadays candles are the most common decorating accessory. On every occasion like marriage, festival or birthday you can create pleasant decorative ideas with candles and their attractive holders. Wall-mounted candle holders are particularly popular, and for good reason: they’re versatile, inexpensive and can give you a good decorative look to any place you mount them.                                                                      These days it is hard to get the best quality for the lowest price. When we were planning the renovation of our house we knew that we want to have something peculiar that is noticeable to everyone visiting our home. Colorful votive candle holders can add charm to your room with their both decorative and functional properties. People nowadays are looking for new and decorative holders to display their candles. These holders come with the glass containers which are larger than a standard votive cups and can be used with votive or tea lights.                                                                                                                          This decorative accessory can add glitter to your home, so give your home a perfect charm by this beautiful decor piece as they can add some light to your life as it is well said: ” It is better to lit up a candle than to curse the darkness”.

red candle holder        candle holder

Decorative Mirrors.

Do you ever realize that maybe your home is perfectly cleaned and organized but there is something missing? These days everyone one of us wants to decorate our home to the best of what we can do but the main problem what we all faces in space i.e. how to do the best of interiors with less of space, the solution of this big problem is : why can’t we use our big walls for this purpose.
The first and most important accessory that we can use to decorate our home walls are MIRRORS, any luxury interior designing knows that a dazzling mirror can improve any room design in several ways.
Mirrors are not just meant for looking into or gazing at yourself rather they are fabulous when they are just used to accent the style of your room. Decorative mirrors are a fascinating style statement of your room when they are used on the living room wall or the wall behind your bed. One of the important qualities of a mirror can make any room look bigger and adds a feel of alluring craftsmanship. Designer mirrors modern or classic, round or rectangle, wooden or metal can be placed depending upon the area where they are used or type of interiors of the room designed. Decorative mirrors can only give their best effects when they are used at the right height and in the right place. We can use a single mirror on a single wall or multiple mirrors on a single wall giving it an elegant and classic look.

decorative mirrors