Storage Ideas For Kids Room.

The most Unorganized and shattered room of your home could be your kids room. We all love to have so many toys, clothes, books for our kids but organizing them in a perfect manner is a really tedious and hectic task. Also, a well-organized room will give your kid more space for activities like indoor playing, dancing, coloring, etc.

You can make your kids room a perfect organized room with some storage ideas rather than a simple cupboard. Read here some of the storage ideas to make your kids room the most loved room in your home.

1. Toys: 

Sometimes it is like a neverending battle to organize toys in the room, but toys can be very well arranged with a door shoe organizer.

toy organizer

also, you can hang a Triangular net on the corner of a wall to keep all light-weighted or soft toys.

Have a look.

Net toy organizer
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These days wall mounted shelves or bookshelves are in trends. You can segregate your kid’s books very easily on these shelves. Arrange books like drawing books, storybooks, writing books, on different shelves and label them accordingly, so that it will be very easy for your little one to find his or her favorite one.

book shelf for kids room
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There are many ways in which you can arrange kids’ clothes so that no more of the mess is created by clothes in the kid’s room.

One of the most common ways is to arrange clothes by weekday’s names,in some drawers. This way you can help your Lil one to find their clothes faster and this will surely help in saving your time too when you have to struggle with clothes to what to make your kid wear on which day.

clothes drawer for kids room
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Another way is to segregate clothes by their names so that your Lil one doesn’t have to struggle to find a pair of socks, an undergarment or his favorite short.

almira for kids room
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If you want to showcase the artwork of your Lil artist then dedicate one wall for this purpose.

Msterpieces for kids room
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Make a wall hanging clipboard to hang their masterpieces this will not only add to the decor of the room rather boost your kid’s confidence.


Rather than using simple shoe rack you can use a wall shelf to showcase your Lil one’s shoe collection as kids’ shoes have very attractive designs.

How cute are these shoes looking on this shelf?

Shoes Shelf for kids room
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These were some ideas to organize your Lil one’s room in a perfect way.

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Hacks to keep your bathroom clean & shiny.

bathroom cleaning hacks

We all love to have a clean and shiny bathroom, so if you all are tired of those useless cleaning tricks then read this full article for sparkling results and for sure after following these hacks your bathroom would be as much cleaner as ever been.

we have mentioned some of the very clever bathroom cleaning hacks, that just not just help you clean your bathroom in a far better way, but to do it faster, and with those places which you have not even considered to be a part of the cleaning process.

so these are some of the hacks for bathroom cleaning:

  • If your sink’s tap has been dulled by water spots, you can make them shiny by rubbing half a piece of lemon on it. Lemon will act as a cleansing agent and will remove all spots, as simple as that.
  • If you want to make your bathroom mirror shiny again, then use this natural solution that will work as a miracle .all you need is Ammonia, rubbing alcohol, dishwashing liquid, you just have to mix all ingredients and put in a plastic funnel and splash a spray over the mirror and wipe it with any clean microfibre cotton  .your mirror will again start shinning.
  • Bathroom bins can possibly a breeding grounds of germs, we can prevent this by a very simple hack that is just sprinkled bicarbonate soda after every empty of bin .This will surely make your bathroom bin germ free.
  • The very important part of the bathroom that are tiles, and cleaning them is really very tedious work to do, but we can do it very easily by mixing 5 tablespoons of bleach with fifteen tablespoons of water and fill this solution in a spray bottle and just splash over the tile you wish to clean, rinse it with clean cloth damped in warm water. This will make your tiles very clean.
  • Next is cleaning a toilet bowl. Having a clean toilet bowel is a very important part of a clean bathroom. Add ¼ cup of baking soda with  ¼ cup of white vinegar into your toilet, and leave it for 15 minutes. Just scrub it with a toilet brush and flush it well after 15 minutes. You will find a great difference before and after your toilet bowl looks like.

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Colours for the kitchen that will sparkle your home.

“Kitchens are made for bringing families together” a well-known saying that shows that the kitchen plays a very vital role in our lives. It is a place where we spend quality with our family whether on a dining table or helping our beloved mother or wife in cooking. Colors are meant to add energy to your life so if you want to get yourself energized while working in the kitchen then read out here:

Don’t you all think we should make it a fun space that reflects our personality, so here are some vibrant colorful ideas that help you all make your kitchen a perfect place to hang out with your loved ones? Here are a few colors for the kitchen that you can implement :

1. You can use as many iridescent colors to give your kitchen a vibrant look. Give each shelf and cabinet a unique color to make your kitchen full of life.

colorful kitchen
picture courtesy: Pinterest

2. You can use white and purple combinations to make your kitchen look fabulous which is sets on simplicity and elegance.

White and purple modular kitchen
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

3. Yellow is a symbol of freshness, positivity, and happiness .so why not to use that in our kitchen also. Yellow makes a great combination with white so play with white and yellow to give your kitchen a decent look.

Have a look!

yellow kitchen
picture courtesy: Pinterest

4. If you want to give a very minimalistic look to your kitchen you can use plywood to give a very simple but elegant look.

Picture courtesy: Pinterest

5.If we are discussing the variants of colors then why to forget white. White will give your kitchen a very soothing touch. You will surely feel yourself very relaxed while working in your kitchen.

Modular kitchen
Picture courtesy: Pinterest

So if you all are planning to renovate your kitchen then please follow these color patterns that will absolutely create a wow factor in your home.

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DIY Christmas Decor Ideas.

Christmas is around the corner and it is a great time to display your creative and crafty skills. The following are some easy DIY Christmas Decor ideas which you can use to your home a winter wonderland.

1.Socks Snowman: This is one of the easiest ways to make a cutie snowman with your old and used socks.

Material Required.

  • Old Socks (Light colored or white)
  • Buttons
  • Rice
  • Cotton
  • Ribbon

Follow These Steps to make one.

socks snowmen
Picture courtesy: Pinterest

2. Wall Mount Christmas Tree: If you live in a small house and don’t have that much space to place a big Christmas tree, you can do so by sticking a hand made paper Christmas tree on a wall, that will surely take up virtually no space at all.

What you need to make this tree:

  • Triangular shaped mat board.
  • Tissue papers green and brown in color.
  • Masking tape.
  • Duct tape (white)
  • Glue, knife, and scissors.
  • Picture frame hook.

Follow these steps to make one.

christmas tree
picture Courtesy:

3.Hanging Christmas Planter: 

Assemble Colourful ornaments, lights, pine needles in a hanging planter and Hang it your balcony or courtyard.

Have a look.

hanging christmas planter.
Picture courtesy:

These were some of the DIY Christmas Decor ideas which you can use to decorate your house this Christmas.

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