Simple Habits To Stay Organized.

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simple habits to stay organized

We usually complain that our home is never as organized as we want to have because organizing home is really a very overwhelming task but do you ever realized what is the main reason behind that ???The most significant reason for that is our simple habits because we can say that habits are natural tendencies that we follow in our day to day life. To make our home well organized we just have to follow some good practice. Today I thought of sharing some of my personal habits that I follow daily to make my home Lil productive and organized.

So here are they:

1. Make a habit to make your bed daily:

The most relaxing space in our home could be our bedroom, we usually think in a way that why bother to make the bed if again in night we have to come in the night anyway. but believe me, if you make it a habit of making your bed very first thing in the morning every day,  you will not only make your bedroom organized but will find positive energy triggering you by seeing your bedroom looking so nice and organized.

unorganized room
Unorganized Bedroom
organized room
Organized Bedroom

So, ask urself from the two pictures above, which room is giving peace to your eyes???

I know the answer, that is the organized one!!!! so why not to implement this rule in your daily life also i.e. to make your bed and give a positive start of the day.

2. Cleaning up the Kitchen daily in the night:

  I know I’m sounding very harsh here as most of you must be thinking that how is it possible to clean the kitchen or empty the sink daily in the night after the hectic day. We all must be working very hard in the day, some of you are working professionals, some of you must be working very hard whole day with kids or completing household chores in the day, so how can we manage to wash used utensils or clean up the kitchen daily in the night??

But please give it a try once,u will find really helpful in making your home well organized, just clean up the used utensils and arrange the platform and you will find a happy shinning kitchen in the morning, but just don’t do it yourself only take the help of your family members to make it so.

try to make it a habit before your heads hit the pillow in the night and you will feel proud to yourself.

kitchen organization

3. Organize your study or work table after you finish your work.

 I work from home and I have a proper working table for it which I organize daily after I wind up my work and many of you might be having a place in your home where you read books, write something or work on computers or laptops. So make it a habit of cleaning up that chaos which you made while working- like putting all stationary back to the place, collecting all papers/books, shutting down the laptops and computers and keeping them in a proper manner. If you do it every day before switching off to some other work believe you won’t spend an hour or two in a week cleaning your working/study table.

Make this a rule for your kid’s study table also guide them to do so after they finish up their work.

It will only take up 5 mins more but will create a huge difference. Try it!

Office table organization
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

4. Trash or Donate used toys: 

Kids are blessing for every home, but they love to have many toys in their room, teach them when they bring new ones in, some old ones will go out because if you don’t follow this rule their toys will take over your entire house, this way they will learn the “joy of giving also”.

Make sure to keep toys well organized in boxes ask your kids to play with one toy at a time, I know it is Lil bit difficult to manage but give it a try I know finally you will succeed in making your kids realize the habit of organizing their toys.

5. Store the Unneseccary things:

Once you are done with bedroom, kitchen, study, kids room, try to collect the things which do not belong to any of these mentioned categories and if they are unnecessary then keep them in a separate room called the store and when you find their need take them out.

And organizing store is another big task, soon I will write a blog on this till then you enjoy reading this and try to implement some.

I hope if you follow these simple habits you will make your home a perfect place to live in.

Happy Reading!

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