Storage Ideas For Kids Room.

The most Unorganized and shattered room of your home could be your kids room. We all love to have so many toys, clothes, books for our kids but organizing them in a perfect manner is a really tedious and hectic task. Also, a well-organized room will give your kid more space for activities like indoor playing, dancing, coloring, etc.

You can make your kids room a perfect organized room with some storage ideas rather than a simple cupboard. Read here some of the storage ideas to make your kids room the most loved room in your home.

1. Toys: 

Sometimes it is like a neverending battle to organize toys in the room, but toys can be very well arranged with a door shoe organizer.

toy organizer

also, you can hang a Triangular net on the corner of a wall to keep all light-weighted or soft toys.

Have a look.

Net toy organizer
Picture courtesy: Pinterest


These days wall mounted shelves or bookshelves are in trends. You can segregate your kid’s books very easily on these shelves. Arrange books like drawing books, storybooks, writing books, on different shelves and label them accordingly, so that it will be very easy for your little one to find his or her favorite one.

book shelf for kids room
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


There are many ways in which you can arrange kids’ clothes so that no more of the mess is created by clothes in the kid’s room.

One of the most common ways is to arrange clothes by weekday’s names,in some drawers. This way you can help your Lil one to find their clothes faster and this will surely help in saving your time too when you have to struggle with clothes to what to make your kid wear on which day.

clothes drawer for kids room
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Another way is to segregate clothes by their names so that your Lil one doesn’t have to struggle to find a pair of socks, an undergarment or his favorite short.

almira for kids room
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If you want to showcase the artwork of your Lil artist then dedicate one wall for this purpose.

Msterpieces for kids room
picture courtesy: Pinterest

Make a wall hanging clipboard to hang their masterpieces this will not only add to the decor of the room rather boost your kid’s confidence.


Rather than using simple shoe rack you can use a wall shelf to showcase your Lil one’s shoe collection as kids’ shoes have very attractive designs.

How cute are these shoes looking on this shelf?

Shoes Shelf for kids room
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

These were some ideas to organize your Lil one’s room in a perfect way.

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