Ingredients to avoid in beauty (Skin & Hair) products.

avoid ingredients in skin care

In our day today life we all use so many beauty and cosmetics products and most of us have a habit of checking the ingredients list of the products we are using, well that is indeed a very good habit and those of you don’t have this habit I can assure your after reading  this blog you all will surely adopt this habit of knowing the ingredients list of each and every product you are using.

After doing a deep research I’m here to brief a  list of most common ingredients found in every product and they are pretty much toxic for our skin and body.

1.Sulfates : They are basically cleansing agent found in mostly each product and are responsible for producing lather in shampoos ,soaps, body washes & also in toothpastes. Many varieties of sulfates are synthetic & some are obtained from natural sources like coconut or palm oils.

The most common sulfate based ingredient that are present in cosmetics or personal care product are :

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) , Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES).

They can give irritation to your eyes and are also known as acne causing substances, also makes hair more fizzy and dry .

So first ingredient to avoid is sulfate (SLS & SLES).

2.Parabens : They are the most commonly used preservative in skin & hair care products ,they are derived from Para hydroxybenzoic acid (PHBA) .

They are synthetic chemicals categorized as methylparaben ,isopropyl paraben ,propylparaben ,butylparaben ,isopropylparaben & isobutylparaben, you will find any of these mentioned names in your personal care or beauty products.

Now you all must be wondering that why parabens are harmful for us ,because parabens can penetrate deep into your skin & can disrupt with our hormones’ and researches shows that this will eventually leads to breast or skin cancer.

Parabens are harmful for sensitive skin causing allergic reactions, for hair paraben can cause many problem like drying ,itchiness, hair loss ,patchiness.

So it good to avoid parabens in our products until they are proved to be safe.

Parabens are found in creams ,moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners etc.

3.Alcohol : It is commonly used as solvent in skin care products. Alcohols can be classified as good or bad alcohols. Some alcohols (Fatty alcohols) like cetearyl alcohol ,cetyl comes under good alcohols as they are good for dry skin and can be used as a moisturizers.

*for Good alcohols we will go in deep in our next topic.

Lets discuss about bad alcohols ,so if your product ingredient list have Ethanol, propanol, Ethyl Alcohol, Methanol, Benzyl Alcohol ,its better to avoid them because they can act cruel to your skin.

4. Lead : This heavy metal is found naturally in earth’s crust & is used as a coloring dyes in lipsticks, eyeliners etc. Though FDA has regulated the use of lead in externally applied cosmetics to max. of 10ppm as already we are exposed to a enough quantity of lead through our food & water and excess quantity of lead in our body leads to hypertension & coronary heart diseases.

5.Triclosan : It is synthetic antibacterial agent found in toothpastes ,soaps & deodorants ,it is very toxic in nature and linked to many toxicities like cancer.

so next time when you are shopping for your cosmetics or body care products surely check the ingredients & try to avoid as many of them & please try to use the products that are pure, contains organic ingredients ,non toxic & cruelty free.



Morning skin care routine.

morning skin care routine

Hi ,Folks
I know all of you loves to have a good skin ,but for that we should follow a proper routine as perfect skin care will eventually leads to glowing and young skin.

Here I’m sharing with you all some basic tips that can lead to a good skin.

  • Know your skin type.
  • Drink at least 2-3 liters of water everyday.
  • Cleansing is very important.
  • Eat lots of fruits & vegetables
  • Don’t forget to remove makeup at the end of the day.
  • Sleep 6-8 hrs. daily.
  • Beat the stress.

So after following all these steps you will surely gonna have a shiny and glowing skin, but to maintain that we need to follow some essential skin care regime and here are they:

I understand morning is very busy for every individual so taking out time for a long routine is not possible ,so I’m sharing few very essential steps required for beautiful face or skin.

One very important thing is that skin care routine should change based on the season and state of your skins in winters we require more of moisturizers and as we enters spring we should exfoliate more to get-out of dry winter skin.

Steps for a skin care regime:

1.Cleanser: Very basic step is to cleanse your skin .Take a cleanser that suits your skin type (must know your skin type) ,and if you don’t know your skin type then there are many moisturizer available in the market that are suitable for all skin type. All you have to do is take a lil amount on your hand and gently rub it in circular motion all over your face including your neck and then rinse with water, pat dry(never rub your face with towel).

P.S: Better to use soothing, paraben & SLS free ,low PH cleanser.

2.Toners: After the cleansing next comes toners ,but most of us skip this step as we consider toners is generally alcohol based products but these days most of the toners are water based .Toners are good to restore PH balance of your skin and helps in keeping your skin soft and healthy. They can helps in shrinking your open pores and removes the dirt left after cleansing.

3.Moisturisers : A moisturizer is used to give extra hydration to your skin ,picking a right moisturizer according to your skin type helps in maintaining its balance ,moisturized skin tends to look more healthy and shiny ,so guys don’t forget to moisturize your skin after each wash.

P.s : use gel based moisturizer for oily skin and cream based for dry skin.

4.Protect: Here comes the most important point in your daily skin care routine, i.e. a sunscreen ,never ever forget to apply sunscreen to your skin whether your are at home or going out. Sunscreen helps in protecting your skin from harmful sun rays.

so this a very simple but important skin care routine that you all should follow each day for a healthy and shiny skin.

Tips for a healthy lifestyle.

These days we all are keeping busy with laptops, phones, etc as these all are becoming are best friends in our new normal lifestyle. Recently met one of my friends who want to make some healthy lifestyle changes in her life like these days she is feeling very stressed, tired by the overburden of work and eating junk all day and she is very keen to change her lifestyle.

So got some inspiration from my friend and thought to share with you all some very minor lifestyle changes that can lead you towards a healthy and stress-free life.

1.Start your day with a glass of water :

Glass of water
Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

We all are aware of the benefits of water and if we start our day with a or two glass of water every day it will immediately rehydrate our body after the long hours of sleep. It will provide you with the wake-up charge and gives you the instant energy required to start a fresh day.

Just have the glass of water right after you wake up before brushing your teeth and you will surely observe some positive changes in your body.

2. Eat right:

Pic courtesy: Pinterest

One of the very crucial factors that determine our health is what we eat in a day. One thing that we should follow is to have home-cooked fresh food only. Eat what is cooked in your home avoid everything that comes in a packet. You should focus on the quality of food instead of quantity, Quality here means you should know what you are eating on a plate. Cut out the portion from your plate but the amount you are eating should be high in protein, high in fibers and less in carbs and sugar.

3. Walking or Exercise:

Pic courtesy: Pinterest

These days we all spent most of our day sitting in front of laptops, computers, and moreover in front of the TV. A recent study proved that working professionals are spending 70% of their waking time in a seated position only.

Now the question comes how can we improve our physical activities, one very simple tip is to stand from your place every hour, stretch your body, walk some steps for just 2-3 mins only. You can also use stairs instead of a lift.

Just remember only 25-30 mins of walking/day can contribute to your physical activity and soon you all will transform your life towards a healthy lifestyle.

4.Good Sleep:

Good sleep
Pic courtesy: Pinterest

this pic tuely says our story, we all are so much busy in our lives that hardly sleeps for 4-5 hrs daily whereas it should be 7-8 hrs daily.

A good night’s sleep is very important for a healthy life, it just provides with as many benefits as by healthy eating and exercising.

But these days again our mobile phones, laptops are interfering in our sleep pattern at night we spent time with our phones, etc which depriving our sleep pattern.

so if you wants to transform your life in a healthy way just indulge in a good sleep pattern, put down your phone away before half an hour going to bed, and meditate for 5-10 mins for a good sleep.

5. Say no to sugar or processed foods.

no sugar
Pic courtesy: Pinterest

Yes, you read it right “no to sugar or processed foods”.

Do you all know how we are getting dependent on processed food these days like chips,cookies, chocolates, etc? These foods have long term bad effects on our body, also refined sugar offers no nutrition, a recent study proved that more than two tablespoons of sugar a day takes a toll on your body and leads you towards imbalance in blood sugar level. Moreover, sugar also contributes to weight gain because sugar is responsible for elevated cholesterol levels in the body, so if sugar has so much of bad effects than imagine what processed food does to your body which has a good amount of sugar in them.

Just replace junks with healthy nuts or dried fruits like raisins, almonds, walnuts, figs, dates, etc which also helps in lowering down your sugar cravings also and provides you with good fat and protein which is very essential for the overall development of the body.

so if you want to achieve a healthy body with an active mind them please try to follow the above-mentioned points I’m sure sooner you will see positive changes in your body.

If you have any suggestions and feedback do let me know in the comments section below.




Decor Ideas for Your Balcony.

A balcony is a place in your home where you can have direct access to sunlight and can make yourself refresh and relaxed. You must have a balcony in your home if you want to enjoy your cup of tea in the soothing and calm breeze of air every morning and evening. Feel yourself lucky if you have a balcony in your home be it a big or small.

We all give our entire home perfect decor with splendid interiors but forget to do so with our balcony which holds a special place in our home.

so here are some of the balcony decor ideas to make your balcony a perfect place to hang on after your busy schedule.

1.Small Furniture: In an apartment with a small balcony choose your furniture smartly that fits in your balcony perfectly. Don’t overdo with the furniture and keep it simple without compromising on comfort to let nature make it as beautiful with its natural beauty.

look: how very minimal furniture can make your balcony a perfect place to hang on with your friends and family.

 small balcony with furniture
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

2. Hanging Planters: If your balcony has a railing it’s a good way to decorate it by hanging planters and pots with colorful flowers, you can utilize the wall also to hang some small planters. Place a corner couch or a small chair to relax with nature. Opt for the plants that that has nice fragrance or you can go with herbs to make your balcony smell as good as it looks.

balcony with hanging plants
Picture courtesy: Pinterest

3.Swings:  It is always a good idea to have a swing in the balcony, including swing with nature is a playful idea, swing will surely swing up your mood to another level and will surely enhance the ambiance of the outdoor area.

These days many trendy swings are available you can go with anyone that suits up your space.

Balcony Swings
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

4.Dining Table:  Having a dining table with chairs is another a great way to increase the serenity of your balcony, you can utilize this type of tables for having a perfect candlelight dinner with your loved ones. What a great idea it is to have your meals with nature.

Dining table in balcony
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

5.Floor Pillows or cushions: No need to invest so much on furniture if you are renting in an apartment just get some colorful pillows or cushions that can be used to relax and will add on to the decor of your balcony.

Floor pillows in balcony
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

6. Lighting: Last but not the least Lighting, perfect lighting can surely give some wow factor to the decor of any area, light up your balcony with some pendants and hanging bulbs.

Lighting of balcony
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

So these were some of the ideas to make your balcony heart of your home.